Current Projects

This page is a constant work in process:

Projects in the works:
Hillsboro Tuesday Marketplace:

Managing the Sandy Farmer Stage on 3rd and Main.  This is a place where local musicians can showcase their music and network with other artists and members of the  community.  This event runs every Tuesday evening from mid-June, through late-August/early-September.   Hours are 5:30-8:30pm

Tuesday Market Youth Night.

Teaching music at WL Henry Elementary School in Hillsboro, Oregon.

Projects in the making:

Work with musicians who want to earn extra money playing music.  This can be a viable means of paying one’s way through college.

Work with the Hillsboro School District on a variety of projects.  Establish internships and scholarships for those interested in the arts.

Provide songwriting classes for students to write songs that pertain to the areas of math, science, language arts, or any subject, as a tool for learning.

Network with other local artists and music teachers.  Refer those interested in music lessons to professional teachers in the area.

Develop an online curriculum  and database for music lessons.

Develop curriculum around an “Oregon” theme that involves music as well as math, science, language arts, and other subjects.  Put together a “program” utilizing local students’ work, and sharing this program with other communities in Oregon, and eventually throughout the United States.