Book by the founder of Khan Academy

The One World School House, is a book by Salman Khan, founder of Khan Academy.  He makes observations about education, the way the brain works, and the way humans learn.  He challenges readers to “rethink” the educational system.   I’d recommend it to parents, teachers, administrators and even high school and college students .  I don’t agree with everything he says, but he “gets” education.  He exposes some of the fundamental flaws in the public (and private) education systems of the United States.

His goal is to provide “free, world class education to anyone, anywhere.”  He stresses the need for students of all ages to take responsibility for their learning.   He advocates for using technology to free-up teachers to do what they do best and what is most needed for each individual student…. provide human interaction and support in the learning process.

Here is a link to a 2 minute interview with Sal.