This Day in Music

Providing a link to the webpage “This Day in Music.”  Great resource for music trivia.

January 23 interesting music history:  Jazz guitarist, Django Reinhard, was born on this day in 1910.  At age 18, he badly burned his left hand, so he developed a unique two-fingered guitar stye to keep his fingers flexible.

January 23 useless history…  On this day in 2014, Justin Bieber was arrested after racing his yellow Lamborghini on a street in Miami Beach.  He did not cooperate and was charged with resisting arrest without violence, as well as driving with an expired driver’s license.


10 Studies on the Arts in Education

This article has links to 10 studies on arts in education.  Like most things I read, I don’t agree with everything stated.  However, these studies bring up some excellent points.   There are many great things going on in Hillsboro regarding the arts in education and the arts in the community.  However, there have also been many cutbacks to art and music programs in the school district.    What can we as a community do, to support teachers, and students in the area of using the arts to facilitate learning?  View my “current projects” tab for ideas.



Community Involvement in Education

I’ve noticed that much of the recent materials on the topic of education focus on schools and teachers and what needs to be improved.   While I believe there needs to be accountability from teachers and schools,  a student spends only a fraction of their hours during the year at school.  There are many other factors that influence a person’s learning, or lack thereof.  In my opinion, responsibility for learning needs to be shared among the student, the parent(s), and the community at large in addition to the school system.

When it comes to educational opportunities, what is our role as a community?

In the book, Waiting for Superman, there is an article by Eric Schwarz, cofounder of Citizen Schools.  Founded in 1995 in Boston, this organization encourages communities to rethink how we educate our students and utilize the strengths and talents of citizens that aren’t formal teachers.  Not that this is a new concept, but the following quote is pretty insightful.  “What if we use the enormous intellectual and social resources represented by concerned citizens… that give kids vastly expanded opportunities to learn and grow?”

Great question!  There are many great things happening in Hillsboro in the area of education.  And… there are many more excellent opportunities to explore.  What will be your role?

Look Up (video)- by Gary Turk

Here’s a video I watched today that is an example of someone taking their insights, creating something original, and sharing their art with with others.  All of this to give people a wake-up call, a fresh perspective, and hopefully the catalyst to make some positive changes.

Although this video is posted in many locations, I saw it on the website:

noteable quote:

3:59 “When you’re too busy looking down, you don’t see the chances you miss.”


Informal Learning (video)- Musical Futures

Here is a video about informal learning posted by Musical Futures.  This specifically talks about learning in a music classroom, but I believe several key points apply to learning in general.

7:13-  A teacher’s role as a facilitator of learning rather than a director of learning.

8:09-  Improvement seen in the areas of motivation, listening skills, leadership skills, team work, and appreciation.  Students were empowered to engage and create.. this resulted in enjoyment in, and ownership of, the learning process.